Where America’s Developed Areas are Growing?

A few weeks ago I wrote a narrative about rankings, and what I look for in markets where I believe companies will thrive. I posed four questions to ask with the number one question being:  Is the market growing? Below is a great article from the Washington Post on where America is growing by new land … Continue reading Where America’s Developed Areas are Growing?

Lease vs. Own

Business owners come to us and ask for our guidance and expertise on all things office space.  One area that comes up all the time is the decision to lease or buy a building. We received this question so often, we created the below graphic to begin the conversation.  While this is a great start, the … Continue reading Lease vs. Own

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q3 2021 and a 30-Second Favor to Ask

We are honored to have been chosen as one of five finalists for Broker of the Decade in Metro Phoenix by CEM Magazine. The winner is determined via vote by the readers.  We would greatly appreciate if you could take 30 seconds right now and cast your vote by clicking here (we are third in the … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q3 2021 and a 30-Second Favor to Ask

All Kind of Rankings

This headline made me laugh: Phoenix was ranked as the least relaxing city in America, according to a recent survey. Factors such as light pollution, green spaces, and coastal proximity all weighed heavily against Phoenix in the survey, which showed the least number of respondents who get 7+ hours of sleep each night. Meanwhile, San Jose, … Continue reading All Kind of Rankings

Indoor Farming

A few years back I wrote a narrative on indoor farming (you can read it here).  The technology has grown and grown (pun intended) and now we are seeing some incredible changes. Sananbio, one of the world’s largest indoor farming technology providers, has announced an unmanned vertical farming system. Here’s how it works: –Pour the seeds … Continue reading Indoor Farming

Arizona Water Scoop

I get asked the question all the time: what is the water situation in Arizona?  Most of my out-of-state clients are curious about water, how much we have, are we running out, the desert landscape of Phoenix, water levels, etc. Below is a short primer I put together for my readers that answers all these … Continue reading Arizona Water Scoop

Hybrid Work Messiness

Now the messy part with hybrid work begins. Below is an article outlining the conversations we are having 5 times a day right now with our clients.  How do we come back to work and what are the rules, office space layouts and long-term consequences of allowing everyone to partially work from home? Here is … Continue reading Hybrid Work Messiness

Which Cities are America’s new boomtowns? Try Salt Lake City and Indianapolis

Even before the pandemic, jobs in Metro Phoenix were on the rise, drawing large numbers of employees away from bigger cities like San Francisco, LA, and New York, to the area. That trend accelerated during the pandemic, with an influx of new remote workers moving to the city. What is really cool is the diversification … Continue reading Which Cities are America’s new boomtowns? Try Salt Lake City and Indianapolis

Zoom Towns

I recently read a fantastic article from the Wall Street Journal on some of the greater effects of remote work.  Being an office broker, I of course am focused daily on the office sector, but this article explores much more as this trend spreads throughout urban geography across the US. Some of my thoughts are below: The … Continue reading Zoom Towns

The Hottest Office Topic in the Valley

Office subleases continue to prove a hot topic this year. Tenants in the market are eyeing subleases for their great prices, or are using them as leverage to bargain against traditional options. In the Metro Phoenix market, with 100 million SF of office space, we are now showing over 4.5 million SF of sublease now … Continue reading The Hottest Office Topic in the Valley

Reducing Office Space? 74% of Fortune 500 CEO`s Say It`s Likely

You may have noticed that I’ve spent more time than usual passing along information as it pops up.  My job is to make sure you and our clients are on the cutting edge of where office space is going and how it is changing. Due to the pandemic, there is a lot of confusing data … Continue reading Reducing Office Space? 74% of Fortune 500 CEO`s Say It`s Likely

COVID 19 Office Space Changes

This narrative has been talking about changes in office space design, layout, and work flow for the last year. During COIVD-19, I decided to put together a summary presentation of the 10 changes office space users are making as we come out of the pandemic. I have given this presentation live (well, over Zoom) over … Continue reading COVID 19 Office Space Changes

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2021

The Metro Phoenix Office Market remains in disarray at the midpoint of 2021.  Companies (small and medium-sized) are coming back to work, signing new leases and getting back to a new normal. Other companies (often large ones) continue to kick the can with short-term renewals, downsizing as leases roll, or trying the sublease market.  The … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2021

Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

I found the below article a nice start to a conversation all of our clients will have over the next year or two. Who will go remote and why should we still have office space? First, as you will recall from last week’s narrative, as few as 34% of jobs can even be considered remote. … Continue reading Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

Office Still in Disarray

Conflicting views on the future of the office continue to volley back and forth in the media. Below is the NAIOP research division’s latest forecast for office space demand, which they feel will stabilize by the middle of 2022. NAIOP is the largest commercial real estate trade organization in the United States, carrying a relevant … Continue reading Office Still in Disarray

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