Returning to Work

I believe (as does Industrious’ Jamie Hodari below) that companies are going to be moving back into the office eventually for a number of reasons I have discussed in this narrative previously. As we continue to get our heads and arms around the pandemic, we still need to work.  Here are a few takeaways from … Continue reading Returning to Work

Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

I have some global thinking for your narrative today. Lots of thought and energy is going into making the world more sustainable. There are many ways people are working towards sustainability, and below is a graph showing which countries are doing the best job. Here are my thoughts:1—The US is doing a good job (I know, we … Continue reading Countries With the Most Sustainable Energy Policies

Coppola-Cheney 2020 – By The Numbers

Goal setting is what I do and then I track those goals with a religious fervor.  2020 proved to be a crazy, crazy year for goal setters.  Not for Coppola Cheney.  We put our heads down, took care of our clients, made the year about working hard for them and their issues.After the year ended, … Continue reading Coppola-Cheney 2020 – By The Numbers

1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020

We are all getting mixed messages on office space use from the media and our own colleagues.  The office market is dead. It will never be the same. Work from home doesn’t work. The market will crash. We’ve already hit bottom. We hear all this and more every day.  We call it The Sandstorm.   What … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q4 2020

FANG Companies Are Driving CRE

FANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet aka Google) are dominating the commercial real estate market—Leasing and Buying.  How much?  Well, they now own or lease almost 600 MILLION square feet of space!!  This is more than all the office space in New York City.  Five times more than just a decade ago.  Read more … Continue reading FANG Companies Are Driving CRE

Parking and the Driverless Future

At the NAIOP national convention this past fall, a few speakers touched on the topic of what is going to change when autonomous cars and UBER/Lyft allow workers to stop driving to work.  Below are some key slides from the presentation done by Juan Dorado, John Cadenhead and Steffen Turoff.   For each slide, you can click … Continue reading Parking and the Driverless Future

Technology Adoption Rates

Today’s graph is messy at first glance.  After you read my comments, simply click on the larger version to review in-depth.  The colored lines show how fast different technologies have been adapted over time. Here are a few of my thoughts: –In general, we adopt technology pretty rapidly in the US. –Look for the number … Continue reading Technology Adoption Rates

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

These days, it’s easier than ever to get started in investing. There are apps that let you buy and trade stocks while waiting at the gas station. Real estate, especially residential, has always been an accessible investment vehicle. But these days, even commercial real estate is being disrupted and opening up to the masses, with … Continue reading Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Happy Holidays from Coppola-Cheney

2020 is coming to an end but unfortunately not the pandemic (yet). What a rollercoaster of a year it’s been for the entire world. Amid the pandemic, we still had a great year despite being remote most of 2020. Our readership increased again this year AND I enjoyed the numerous conversations many of you sparked throughout … Continue reading Happy Holidays from Coppola-Cheney

Negative Office Absorption in Our Future

We now believe the national office market will likely have negative absorption for 2020 and, depending on how long the pandemic lasts, into 2021.  Globe Street has a nice overview in the article below my comments.  Here are some of my thoughts on the office sector looking forward into the next year. Why negative absorption … Continue reading Negative Office Absorption in Our Future

The Elephant in the Room

I have written about this before, and the elephant in the room is STILL the amount of debt the federal government is taking on AND the pace.  See below for a graph showing this trend.  There will be a time to pay the penalty for this excess…but no one is talking about it now. The … Continue reading The Elephant in the Room

The Creative Process of the Four Pioneers of Modern Architecture

In my business, I get to tour some pretty incredible buildings and spaces. (Check out the narrative I did on World’s Most Beautiful Offices of 2019). I am always fascinated by the creative thinking and precision that goes into designing and constructing buildings and office space to make the culture within the company actually come to … Continue reading The Creative Process of the Four Pioneers of Modern Architecture

Base Year vs. Expense Stop

Below is one of my favorite graphics we have created.  By using this visual, I can explain a complicated commercial office lease term to a client in 3 minutes.  What we show in the graphic is  a comparison of expense reconciliation methods for Full Service leases.  While there are other methods, one point we ALWAYS negotiate is … Continue reading Base Year vs. Expense Stop

REI Headquarters Follow-up

Back in July, I sent out a narrative on one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen being built.  The REI headquarters promised to be on-brand and in keeping with their ethos. It blended outdoor and indoor space to create a building that perfectly aligned with the company mission. Well, if you want an … Continue reading REI Headquarters Follow-up

Amazon Warehouses

We know Amazon delivers thousands of items right to our house, often within 24 hours.  Below is a map showing how they do it—with warehouses all over the US and world.    With their push to handle more and more of their own delivery, this number will continue to increase.  They are even looking to … Continue reading Amazon Warehouses

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