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COVID 19 Office Space Changes

This narrative has been talking about changes in office space design, layout, and work flow for the last year. During COIVD-19, I decided to put together a summary presentation of the 10 changes office space users are making as we come out of the pandemic. I have given this presentation live (well, over Zoom) over … Continue reading COVID 19 Office Space Changes

Categories Covid19 Impact, Creative Office Spaces, Narrative, Office Market, Office Trends, Open Offices

Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

I found the below article a nice start to a conversation all of our clients will have over the next year or two. Who will go remote and why should we still have office space? First, as you will recall from last week’s narrative, as few as 34% of jobs can even be considered remote. … Continue reading Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

Categories Covid19 Impact, Creative Office Spaces, Narrative, Office Market, Office Trends, Open Offices

Hybrid Works Get Messy

“Messy” is right.  Below is an article outlining the conversations we are having 5 times a day right now with our clients. How do we come back to work and what are the rules, office space layouts, and long-term consequences of allowing everyone to partially work from home? Here is what we are telling our clients: … Continue reading Hybrid Works Get Messy

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10 + 1 Reasons to Measure Office Space Utilization

Last week, I sent a narrative on some new ways we are working with our clients to measure space utilization (click here to read).  I got quite a few responses about the topic from Real Estate facilities people (and a CEO) asking why we would incorporate new measurements into their spaces when they have corporate … Continue reading 10 + 1 Reasons to Measure Office Space Utilization

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New Ways to Measure Workplace Utilization

Every day we negotiate office leases. In 2019 alone, our team completed 145 leases. One item we always negotiate is rent per square foot.  As we negotiate this for our clients, we also talk to them about how they could, and probably should, be looking at the rent differently than just per SF.  Recently, we moved a … Continue reading New Ways to Measure Workplace Utilization

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The Chemistry of the Unexpected

Tons of articles, surveys and speculation are flying around the world right now about the potential death of the office.  There seem to be endless arguments to both sides and I get to talk about them daily with clients and colleagues.  The article below explains the true needs for office space better than any article I’ve … Continue reading The Chemistry of the Unexpected

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Open Plans Kill Productivity

In my ongoing effort to explore both sides of the open office vs. traditional office debate, here are some thoughts based on science.  The Journal of Environmental Psychology jumped into the fray and came out with a huge study (40k+ workers and over 300 companies).  What did they find out?   — Closed offices outperformed open … Continue reading Open Plans Kill Productivity

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