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COVID 19 Office Space Changes

This narrative has been talking about changes in office space design, layout, and work flow for the last year. During COIVD-19, I decided to put together a summary presentation of the 10 changes office space users are making as we come out of the pandemic. I have given this presentation live (well, over Zoom) over … Continue reading COVID 19 Office Space Changes

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1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2021

The Metro Phoenix Office Market remains in disarray at the midpoint of 2021.  Companies (small and medium-sized) are coming back to work, signing new leases and getting back to a new normal. Other companies (often large ones) continue to kick the can with short-term renewals, downsizing as leases roll, or trying the sublease market.  The … Continue reading 1-Minute Phoenix Metro Office Market Update: Q2 2021

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Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

I found the below article a nice start to a conversation all of our clients will have over the next year or two. Who will go remote and why should we still have office space? First, as you will recall from last week’s narrative, as few as 34% of jobs can even be considered remote. … Continue reading Office Space to Compete With Remote Working

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Office Still in Disarray

Conflicting views on the future of the office continue to volley back and forth in the media. Below is the NAIOP research division’s latest forecast for office space demand, which they feel will stabilize by the middle of 2022. NAIOP is the largest commercial real estate trade organization in the United States, carrying a relevant … Continue reading Office Still in Disarray

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CRE International Investors Coming to the US and AZ

Readers of this narrative know that my team and I represent tenants and landlords primarily in the Metro Phoenix area. Every year we see more and more investors coming to us from outside Arizona, and even outside the U.S. Interest in commercial real estate investing is on the rise in the international community, which is … Continue reading CRE International Investors Coming to the US and AZ

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Hybrid Works Get Messy

“Messy” is right.  Below is an article outlining the conversations we are having 5 times a day right now with our clients. How do we come back to work and what are the rules, office space layouts, and long-term consequences of allowing everyone to partially work from home? Here is what we are telling our clients: … Continue reading Hybrid Works Get Messy

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Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely?

Over the past year, I have been asked the same question over and over: What will happen to office space users? Will they all just work from home from now on? Will offices ever come back? 2020 showed us that many office jobs can be performed at home, and though I’ve written before about some of the drawbacks of being … Continue reading Jobs That Can Be Done Remotely?

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Commercial Sales Volume in a Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has had far-reaching consequences for industries worldwide. In my business, the pandemic created several great markets (residential development and industrial); a sandstorm in our area of office space leasing (no one knows where we are going yet) and has devastated other segments (retail and hospitality). One other segment that was … Continue reading Commercial Sales Volume in a Pandemic

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