Transbay Tower To Become “Salesforce Tower” With Monster Lease

Salesforce HQ

Jealousy can be a terrible thing. In this case, I am so jealous of the latest monster lease done in San Francisco: 714,000 SF lease with a 15 and a half year term. Hats off to them. While I have done plenty of large leases, I have not yet negotiated a 700,000 SF+ lease.   OK—Who on this email wants to […]

World’s Top 15 Megacities–Growing and Growing

I am a third generation Arizonian. When I was born in Tucson in 1961, the population of Phoenix was 440,000. Today there are over 4.3 million in metro Phoenix making us the 13th largest metropolitan area in the US (see Top 13 areas below). Growth is expected to continue like crazy and by 2050, we should have over 7,000,000 […]

5 Measures of Arizona’s Economy As Fall Season Arrives

AZ economy_fall 2014

The local paper in Phoenix, The Arizona Republic, published a great summary about the Arizona economy and my favorite topic—Jobs. Please take a look below for the full article, but here are a few highlights:   –We are still at 60% of jobs recovered from pre-recession numbers. –Construction, typically our get-out-of-the-slump card, is severely lagging. –One bright spot […]

Phoenix Housing Double Dip Recession?

No recovery is smooth. There are fits and starts. There are blue skies and cloudy. The Phoenix housing market, which in past years has driven the office market, has cooled off and is pulling back. Nobody thinks this will be a full recession, but there are clear signs that all is not peachy in Phoenix. I believe this to be true […]