Headphones Are the Latest Office Accessory


I am always on the lookout for new trends in the Commercial Office market and potential side effects/tangents. You may recall in a previous narratives my ongoing discussion about “open plan” office space. Since I was one of eight founders of Lee & Associates Arizona in 1991, we have worked in this type of environment. […]

This Is Not Your Ordinary Call Center Space


For years, US-based companies outsourced their call centers overseas to save money. In many cases, this created a backlash from customers because of poor language skills, limited knowledge of the product and an inability to get through to someone who could actually help solve your problem. We did a deal with an India based company […]

22 Gorgeous Startup Offices You Wish You Worked In

start up offices

We all have this picture of a startup office, at least I do – Steve Jobs, working out of his parents’ garage. Mark Cuban, making his first billion dollars by starting a company in his dorm room. We now have commercials where they wax nostalgic about startups (Here is a Dell commercial in case you […]

Tiniest Homes on Earth

tiny homes

I have sent you $100 million homes and condos that are now reaching that same level. I sent the top ten land owners including Ted Turner who once again was the top land owner in America with over 2,000,000 acres. Today, you get to see the world’s smallest homes. How small? Less than 500 square […]

Week 3–The Changing Office Market…Into Condos??


I have bemoaned this anemic job recovery to no end. Without jobs, office space is difficult to lease. One outcome of this slow recovery is that owners and developers are getting creative with their buildings. Or, more likely, the new owners who bought the building from the bank that reposed the project are now redeveloping […]