Highlights from Arizona State University’s Annual Economic Outlook

Over the last two weeks, I have talked about the numbers behind the job numbers in the US and Arizona. Of course, there are people much more qualified and articulate who actually track this kind of data for a living. Arizona State University’s annual Economic Outlook produced some quality information that I thought I would […]

Comparing the U.S. and Phoenix Economies


Last week I discussed the labor market and what is happening in Arizona with job gains and the office market. This week I have pulled some information from the Brookings Institute on our economy and the recovery compared to the rest of the US. Here are some of my takeaways: –Phoenix will remain one of […]

Serendipit Consulting relocates to 4450 N. 12th Street


We were fortunate to represent Serendipit Consulting in finding their new office location at 4450 N. 12th St., Suite 238 in Phoenix. Serendipit is a full service creative agency that provides a wide range of marketing and PR services for clients on a local and national level.

A Look at the Numbers Behind the Current Headlines About Job Creation


Job creation news made headlines a few weeks back touting that the United States had recovered all of the jobs that were lost during the great recession. In Arizona, however, we are still way behind our pre-recession levels. Over the next two weeks, we are going to try to tie jobs, the Phoenix office market, […]

American Cities May Have Hit ‘Peak-Office’

peak office

I had never heard of the term “Peak Office.” In simple term, Peak Office is like Peak Oil, where the market for the future is less than the past. (Just for fun, I included a peak oil graph below. If you want to read more about Peak Oil, here is a link to a short […]

My Investment Book is Published!

How to Win Final Cover

Earlier this week I sent out a narrative on investors and what kinds of yields they look for when investing. One of the reasons I founded Lee & Associates in 1991 (along with seven other Principals) was to become an investor in Real Estate. Since 1991, I have brokered hundreds of building sales but more […]