Week 4: Some Normalcy–Samsung’s North American HQ

Samsung HQ 2

We have spent the last three weeks looking at billion dollar spending binges by some of the most well-known companies in the tech industry. I am taking this week to get back to the real world, but just for a week. Next week, we will take a trip to somewhere out of this world in […]

Week 3–Google’s New Headquarters and a Bonus

Google HQ 1

Continuing our tour of billion dollar plus new headquarters, we turn to Google. Google is planning on building nine buildings with the now familiar pedestrian and bicycle friendly environments. When completed, this 1.1 million square foot project in Mountain View, CA, will be comprised of nine fairly traditional buildings connected by “messy” courtyards. Below is a bunch of renderings that […]

Coppola-Cheney Recap a Strong 2013

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

I know you were expecting a cool corporate headquarters narrative. Sorry. Every week you get a narrative from me about the office market, real estate or some other story I find interesting. Our real job is providing world class service representing office tenants and landlords in the Metro Phoenix market. We had a great year. Below is a […]

Week Two of Our Five-Week Review of the New Corporate Headquarters–Amazon


Last week started our five week review of new corporate headquarters with a review of Facebook’s billion dollar investment. Today, we move north to Seattle and Amazon. Can you believe Amazon has spent $1.4 BILLION in just the past 12 months on building a headquarters they are now calling a company town? Facebook wanted a low rise, garden feeling while Amazon is going with spheres […]

A 5-Week Review of New Corporate Headquarters – First up: Facebook


Some of the world’s biggest companies are designing and building World Headquarters. These are not just your run-of-the-mill buildings, rather they are unbelievable in scope and design. AND the companies we analyzed are taking dramatically different approaches. Enjoy the designs, thoughts behind them, and a more intimate understanding of the companies themselves. First up is Facebook. Over the past […]